Rising Sun Therapy & Wellness, LLC
Freedom from emotional hijack is found in noticing, naming, and knowing. This can be the gift of psychotherapy.
Services in Virginia, Vermont, District of Columbia, North Carolina & West Virginia

Individual Therapy

Judgement-free, trauma-informed treatment for adults and teens

Relationship Therapy

Treatment to improve relationships among couples, throuples+, families, co-parents, siblings, polycules, and more

Lifestyle & Identity Affirming

Educated support, a welcoming environment, and trauma-informed gender-affirming care, including gender-affirming surgery letters and parent support
Hi! My name is Ami
I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker
NOW LICENSED IN NORTH CAROLINA! Ami offers therapy for adults, adolescents, and relationships (couples, families, throuples, polycules, and more) via telehealth sessions for patients located in Virginia, District of Columbia, Vermont North Carolina, and West Virginia. I work with a diverse caseload of clients including survivors of trauma, those experiencing general overwhelm, grief, depression, and/or anxiety, LGBTQIA+ identified folx, poly/ENM/CNM relationships, kink dynamics, struggling parents, those who need care after surprise DNA results of parentage information, and much more. If you're a struggling perfectionist, believe nothing can help you, think you're the only one, or are terrified of therapy, let's chat and see if we're a good fit! Reach out for more information!

We are committed to safe spaces

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