Why a Rising Sun?

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Why a Rising Sun? Waking to watch the rising sun is a powerful experience. Whether or not there is cloud coverage, the sun rises. Whether or not you wake up extra early, the sun rises. The time of the rising sun in the morning can be contemplative, quiet, cold, comforting, and so much more. Many never see a rising sun unless they have a flight at an unfair hour. And that’s ok! You don’t have to love getting up early and watching the sun rise. All you need to know is that it does.

Positive Energy: We can choose to see the sun as a source of warmth and light, and its rising can symbolize the infusion of positive energy. Therapy too should have a positive and healing effect for patients.

Hope and Renewal: The rising sun is often associated with a new beginning and the start of a new day. Hope and renewal align with the goals of the therapeutic process where individuals seek positive change and personal growth.

Empowerment: The image of a rising sun can convey a sense of empowerment. It represents overcoming darkness and challenges, suggesting that through therapy, individuals can emerge stronger, more resilient, and in control of their lives. Instead of seeking brightness only elsewhere, individuals possess it themselves.

Symbol of Life: The sun is a universal symbol of life and vitality. Therapy can be a life-affirming process that enhances well-being and helps individuals live more fulfilling lives; lives that they WANT to live.

Guidance and Direction: With each new day, the rising sun provides a sense of direction. A strong, healthy, rich therapeutic relationship can be a guide, helping individuals navigate their personal journeys toward self-discovery and positive change.


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